The 4 stages of learning to play the modern piano

For the modern piano playing, playing the piano aiming towards the highest goal is to be able to adapt, play along and be confident to play the piano anywhere, anytime without depending on sheet music. Here are four stages in order to reach the highest goal of a modern pianist, you can choose any of these four stages as the goal of learning the piano. If the goal and way of learning are not right from the beginning, then your process of learning will be wasted for many years without

Boi Ngoc’s journey to help thousands of people self-study piano successfully

It has been a long time since the last time Boi Ngoc shared her plans and what she has done recently, so today she wants to share with you a little bit about Boi Ngoc’s probably the most favourite time of this year. Last March maybe was the time when Boi Ngoc felt the happiest and fulfilled, because she not only helped music lovers who didn’t have conditions or time to attend traditional, inspired classes, but also became the piano teacher of a small class of disadvantaged students. Boi Ngoc

Choose a piano: electric or acoustic piano, should buy a new piano or used piano?

How to choose a suitable piano? The following article, Boi Ngoc will explain more clearly about types of piano to help you choose the best piano that suits your financial ability as well as your liking. If a person starts to learn the piano, they will be confused when it comes to choosing to buy a piano: • Should I choose an electric piano or an acoustic piano? • Should I buy an old or new piano? • Which piano will suit my needs and financial situation? A few comparisons

How long does it take to learn the piano successfully?

What is considered a successful piano learner? To achieve that stage, what steps do you need to take? Let’s find out with Boi Ngoc! Success’s definition depends on your target. We all have different goals, maybe your goal is to play a song well, but other’s target is playing as many songs as possible. The highest level of playing piano is playing without the sheet, playing every song by ear. So how long will it take to achieve each stage:   Level 1: Be able to play your favourite song.

Piano learning, where to begin, what to learn, how long to practice?

When you first start learning to playing the piano, certainly, the fact that you don’t know where to start, what to learn, and how long it takes to master may frustrate you . When you are an adult who has little time to learn properly, define your goal becomes more difficult than normal. Boi Ngoc will share some essential things you need to prepare as a beginner piano player? Regardings to common piano learning materials, in order to play piano well, follow these steps below: Step 1: Learn the basic