Which direction to follow to learn to play piano by ears?

“If you want to play the piano by ear, the shortest path for adults is to start with piano accompaniment.” This is my advice for people who aim to play the piano by ear and no longer rely on sheet music. One advantage of sheet music is that it is often very refined and sophisticated, so it requires the pianist who plays it to also be  sophisticated, precise, meticulous and perfect. Some disadvantages are that it does not evoke the creativity or emotion of the player. It can also be

From playing guitar to playing piano accompaniment

  Is it difficult to switch from playing the guitar to the piano, and what needs to be prepared? The following article will give everyone an overview of the transition from playing the guitar to playing the piano. One advantage of a person who has played another instrument before switching to the piano is knowledge of rhythm and basic music theory. Therefore, a guitarist’s advantage when switching to piano is that they will not have to familiarize themselves with rhythm or music theory; they can go straight to the type