It has been a long time since the last time Boi Ngoc shared her plans and what she has done recently, so today she wants to share with you a little bit about Boi Ngoc’s probably the most favourite time of this year.

Last March maybe was the time when Boi Ngoc felt the happiest and fulfilled, because she not only helped music lovers who didn’t have conditions or time to attend traditional, inspired classes, but also became the piano teacher of a small class of disadvantaged students.

Boi Ngoc doesn’t come from a wealthy family that allowed her to attend a formal school, Boi Ngoc’s piano journey started from being taught to accompany singing at the church. She has never thought of being able to become a teacher or would be successful in this field, playing the piano sorts of a way to help Boi Ngoc to be close to music and relieve stress.

But later when she grew up, with a very simple thought that she wanted to be on TV, Boi Ngoc started posting videos and instructions to play a song on Youtube, then she was very surprised when receiving a lot of love and request for teaching the

The career of becoming a companion with piano lovers turned to a new leaf when Boi Ngoc started teaching piano to an elderly uncle. As you get older, your hands will no longer be as flexible as they used to be, and the mind will no longer be quick to memorize too many theories. Therefore, Boi Ngoc has thought a lot to help her student find a suitable learning method. And that was the beginning of the 6-week piano learning methods, singing accompaniment courses …which was suitable for older people who want an effective and and more practical approach to learn to play the piano.

“Coming from an ordinary family and learning to play the piano to entertain herself, Boi
Ngoc realized that she should not limit herself, if she has a passion, a hobby, then go for
it, and dare to dream higher, beyond what social role is assigned to you.”


“As an elderly person, having been studying the traditional method for about 2 years, at first I had doubts about the effectiveness of the program, how could I learn piano for 6 weeks? But I tried it out, trying to overcome the old habits, follow the instructions of the teacher. The result was surprising! Right from the first lesson “Thang Cuoi”, I only practiced one day and nail it! I myself see the progress after each piece. Hope everyone uses this program more widely. Certainly results will come! (Mr. Ngo The Vinh – a trainee from Hanoi)

Boi Ngoc is very happy, when her students have been able to realize their own dreams, no longer feel reserved and hesitant when stepping on the path of piano learning.

>> Boi Ngoc was interviewed on Thanh Nien newspaper


After a long time becoming a teacher of many students, Boi Ngoc desired to be able to contribute to society more, so recently, every week, Boi Ngoc has been teaching piano for children in an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh city.

“The first day at the orphanage, Ngoc asked the children about the reason they wanted to learn the piano, some said they wanted to become a pianist. Some of them want to grow up and play the piano for the kid to sing in the orphanage or to be a piano teacher. From her story, Ngoc wanted to tell them that nothing or a single background could prevent them from making their dream come true. Just dream, and keep going forward. Growing up, your wish will be granted like mine.”


>> Boi Ngoc was interviewed on VTV1 Vietnamese National TV Channel

To Boi Ngoc, piano is not only a passion, but also a home, a family.