How to choose a suitable piano? The following article, Boi Ngoc will explain more clearly about types of piano to help you choose the best piano that suits your financial ability as well as your liking.

If a person starts to learn the piano, they will be confused when it comes to choosing to buy a piano:

• Should I choose an electric piano or an acoustic piano?
• Should I buy an old or new piano?
• Which piano will suit my needs and financial situation?

A few comparisons between a digital piano and an acoustic piano will help you think twice before buying


Digital piano  Acoustic piano
How it works Operation requires electricity, must be plugged in


Operation does not require electricity,
it works by percussion of the wooden
bars inside the piano to make sounds
Sound Make sound that is similar to piano Authentic piano sound


Price – The price of an electric piano may
be cheaper than that of an acoustic
piano, but a fancy one can be up to
hundred of dollars
– Old electric pianos cost a minimum
of about 250USD – 500USD. While a new one costs from 700USD.
– Price is much higher for the new acoustic piano from 3000USD
– An old acoustic piano costs at least

Living space


– The living space is a bit easy to
disturb people or constantly move

– It is suitable for beginners because you can wear headphones or adjust the sound’s volumn easily while practicing

– It is suitable for people who have a house, a living space that does not disturb anyone, a good financial status, a stable place to live and loves to also use the acoustic piano as a decoration furniture.
– It is suitable for people who love the authentic, lively sound of the piano


Depending on your needs, you can choose a suitable. However, due to financial conditions, not everyone can buy a 100% new digital or acoustic piano, although the new piano’ll be warranted good and long-term.

If you really want to learn the piano but have a limited budget, you can choose an old piano within your current budget to fulfill your dream of learning the piano. With that, you can start to practice right away instead of wasting 1 year, 2 years waiting to afford a new piano.

A lot of things may happened to you later which’ll result in your inability to learn the piano. If you really want to learn piano, choose a piano that suits your needs and budget to start practicing piano as soon as possible.