When you first start learning to playing the piano, certainly, the fact that you don’t know
where to start, what to learn, and how long it takes to master may frustrate you . When you
are an adult who has little time to learn properly, define your goal becomes more difficult
than normal. Boi Ngoc will share some essential things you need to prepare as a beginner
piano player?

Regardings to common piano learning materials, in order to play piano well, follow these steps below:

  • Step 1: Learn the basic music theory about notes, pitch, duration… and get used to notes’
    positions following this order: C-D-A-F-G-A-B-C
  • Step 2: Practice your fingers, you’re going to practice to get your fingers familiarized
    with the keys in the most comfortable position, control fingers’ pressure to make the best
    sound, piano run to help your fingers be flexible and relaxed when playing.
  • Step 3: Read the piano sheet, you need to learn the skill to read the music sheet and play
    at the same time

How long does it take to master playing the piano? It depends on lots of aspects:

  • Passion: You need passion to chase your goal. It motivates you to overcome all the
    obstacles such as time, work, those piano keys.
  • Time you invest in learning piano: If a person truly desire to play his/her favorite songs,
    he/she can spend 3-5 hours/day to practice. For those who are extremely busy, in Boi
    Ngoc’s experience, you need to practice at least 1 hour/day.

Ngoc believes that, once you love the piano, master it will become easier. Good luck