For the modern piano playing, playing the piano aiming towards the highest goal is to be able to adapt, play along and be confident to play the piano anywhere, anytime without depending on sheet music. Here are four stages in order to reach the highest goal of a modern pianist, you can choose any of these four stages as the goal of learning the piano. If the goal and way of learning are not right from the beginning, then your process of learning will be wasted for many years without results or not knowing what skills you need to learn next.


Stage #1.  For those who want to learn about playing the piano: (1-2 months)

First stage: Familiarize yourself with the instrument and knowledge of music, learn to play the piano to the written music.

You will learn how to get used to the keyboard, practice your fingers, arrange your fingers, and theoretical knowledge of reading and understanding music sheet and play to a basic composition.

At this stage, there are many people who give up or become frustrated because of slow sheet music reading, practicing fingers for too long but still not able to play songs, unfamiliar with fingers arrangement, stiff hands, bored of coping the playing style from the video / instructor or still vague about the music because there is no practical method and easy way to understand.

In order to know how to play the piano faster and independently, less depending on the prepared music, you will need to find the right method to continue to stage 2. The difficulties and problems that most people encountered in stage 1, are also overcome after the completion of stage 2.


Stage #2.  For the majority of people learning to play the piano entertainment: (3 – 6 months)

Second stage: Reduce the dependence on the song or read it faster by learning the skills and methods of combining two hands

In order to overcome the difficulties and obstacles in stage 1, shorten the learning process and be less depend on the sheet, be able to see and read the music faster, you need to understand the nature and rules of combining two hands. The technique usually takes 2 years (under the classical program) for a normal learner.

However, you can shorten your time within 3-6 months to study and start playing your favourite songs by learning the Piano Solo method. With this method, you can play the piano of your favourite pop songs, contemporary instrumental music.


Stage #3. For those who want to prove themselves through playing the piano: (minimum 6 months – 1 year)

Stage 3: Learn techniques to play the piano better and practice reflexes, listen and play by ears

After practicing at stage 2 for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year, you find out you want to play songs with more unique techniques. After a period of playing the piano to the sheet, you grow into dependence on the it, the lack of
sheet makes you feel difficult to play a complete song or having a quick reaction to playing while listening.

This third stage is where you can start practicing the reflexes that play the piano without the sheet music, learn techniques to play piano better and create a piano cover of your own. The term ‘piano cover’ has recently appeared in piano playing videos on youtube, players will play a song by listening to the song multiple times in their own style without the need for a
music sheet.


Stage #4. For those who want to choose to follow the music career (minimum 2 – 3 years)

The fourth stage: Play freely, shape the style and create your own melody

This is the stage for those who have the ambition to pursue a music career, or have a burning passion for music and want to create their own impression, personality through the style of music they play. They can sit on the keyboard and improvise the melody, sometimes they can even compose songs.

At this stage, some people will also have a change of mind and want to switch to more difficult and technically demanding music like jazz. They can change or be influenced and inspired to learn any other style of music and in the 4th stage, you can easily recognize the colors in the songs they play, it exudes their personality, their thoughts, their emotions.

Depending on your learning goals, you can stop playing at stage 2 (for most people to learn to play the piano), or stage 3 (the person who want to play the piano for fun, proving themselves) , or stage 4 (for music career followers)