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About Boi Ngoc

Boi Ngoc is known for her list of “Piano Ladies” and the title of “Most Innovative Piano Teacher” – “Most Innovative Piano Teacher” with the Piano Solo Method that helps merchandize piano players within 6 weeks.
Born in 1992 in Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa and graduated from the Foreign Trade University of Ho Chi Minh City, Boi Ngoc fell in love with the guide piano when she received a request for a piano from the audience.
After graduating from school, she decided to focus on researching new methods to help people learn the piano for fun, both shortening the time, and being able to learn and play the piano by themselves more easily.

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Mission & Vision

Boi Ngoc’s passion is to inspire, motivate and share what she knows, learns and concludes in the process of playing the piano so that everyone can do what Boi Ngoc has been doing. Easily.

Mission & Vision

Boi Ngoc believes that playing the piano is also a way for us to express our inner feelings, lift our mental strength, and arouse peace and freedom in each person. Through playing the piano, we also spread love to our loved ones and connect people with each other.

Mission & Vision

Through her journey and experience, from being a self-taughter of the piano to a successful piano player and becoming a piano teacher helping thousands of people realize their dream of playing the piano, Boi Ngoc wants to spread the mission of helping everyone People regardless of age, class can access and play the piano and express themselves freely through music.