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About Boi Ngoc

Boi Ngoc, the Piano Lady, is one of Asia’s leading piano teachers. Over 4,000 students have followed her two proprietary programs – Piano Solo Method and Modern Piano Accompaniment – to learn to play the piano in only six to eight weeks, earning her the moniker – The Most Creative Piano Teacher.

Boi Ngoc’s music journey began at the age of 12. Born to a lower-class family, her parents dreamed of her playing music during Church services. Ngoc’s three-year learning odyssey began when they saved and borrowed enough money to buy a keyboard and lessons.

By 15, Boi Ngoc began teaching herself to master her craft, which led to her playing piano accompaniment in Church (and making her parents’ dreams come true). These self-lessons were the seeds of her proprietary piano curriculum that have benefited so many students. 

After graduating University, Boi Ngoc noticed that frustrated adult learners often curtailed piano lessons if they couldn’t play songs quickly enough. So relying on her own self-learning experience, she developed a revolutionary piano curriculum that enabled students to play songs early in their education. This provided students the satisfaction and motivation necessary to continue advanced studies to master the keyboard instruments.

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Mission & Vision

Boi Ngoc’s passion is to inspire, motivate and share what she knows, learns and concludes in the process of playing the piano so that everyone can do what Boi Ngoc has been doing. Easily.

Mission & Vision

Boi Ngoc believes that playing the piano is also a way for us to express our inner feelings, lift our mental strength, and arouse peace and freedom in each person. Through playing the piano, we also spread love to our loved ones and connect people with each other.

Mission & Vision

Through her journey and experience, from being a self-taughter of the piano to a successful piano player and becoming a piano teacher helping thousands of people realize their dream of playing the piano, Boi Ngoc wants to spread the mission of helping everyone People regardless of age, class can access and play the piano and express themselves freely through music.