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This is a form of self-study through video tutorials for busy people and do not have much time to go to class, can still watch videos and self-study, practice at any time and achieve learning results faster. In addition to watching online videos, downloading documents according to the course route, learners can also interact with Boi Ngoc via facebook/email during self-study. Watch Boi Ngoc’s video tutorials at:

You can call 082 8888 060 / Email: / for advice and information about courses & register online at the link: https://

Boi Ngoc currently only focuses on designing online courses so that learners can self-study in flexible time at home according to videos, learners with basic learning needs just need to follow the right route of online courses. The first results were obtained within 1-2 months (See the courses at the link:

In addition, if learners have more special needs and want to be guided through Video Call directly with Boi Ngoc, they can refer to the Piano Coaching Program and the Piano Mentorship Program.

Boi Ngoc currently does not accept tutoring at students’ homes, but only allows students to learn online by video tutorials (Watch courses at link: or special students If you want to learn via Video Call, you can refer to the Piano Coaching Program and the Piano Mentorship Program.

Definitely do it if you really have the determination, love and apply according to the learning path that Boi Ngoc designed. You can see the results from students who were able to play the piano within the first 4-6 weeks at the link:

Boi Ngoc teaches methods so that learners can be independent when playing the piano, these methods can be learned within the first 4-6 weeks, and after that, just need to practice to get good skills. Ability and reflexes combine two hands. Each learning topic is a new content, so that learners can fully grasp the skills that after learning, they still do not need to depend on the instructor to practice.

For adults who have attended piano lessons in centers, as well as have tutors to practice piano, will realize one thing: it is very difficult for me to maintain concentration continuously for 3 months to do something. there. According to Boi Ngoc’s experience in guiding adults to play the piano, adults need an appropriate method, thinking and direction to learn piano, so that they can be autonomous when playing the piano, not like children who are children. homework is required. Boi Ngoc wants to design a route with just enough time to ensure that it is the time when learners are most focused, with the most ready mentality, and just enough content that learners need to achieve their goals, as well as immediate application so that learners can achieve their results as quickly as possible. Boi Ngoc implements her teaching routes with the criterion of just enough content for learners to achieve each of their goals in each stage, so that learners can remember and apply themselves later, not is trying to cram too many things in too long while learners have not really spent enough time practicing and applying.

Boi Ngoc focuses on teaching the piano to adults, however, for children, Boi Ngoc feels that the appropriate age to absorb learning about methods and orientation is from 12 years old and up. Children’s strengths are that they have more time to practice, learn quickly and imitate very quickly, but they have the disadvantage of being forgetful because they don’t spend as much time summarizing as adults.

Boi Ngoc only accepts to write sheet music when in your spare time, you can see the list of available tracks, the fee for making the sheet music & send a request to write sheet music at the link: -nhac-sheet-music-collection/

What if I want to set Boi Ngoc as my own video tutorial for a song?

Boi Ngoc only accepts to make extended video tutorials for students who have attended her online courses to make sure students understand Boi Ngoc’s methods.

You can transfer your tuition fees/purchase online courses to one of the following banks

(Note: leave your information including Name – Phone number – Email when transferring)

1. Vietcombank Nha Trang branch

(058 1000 719 843 | Truong Doan Boi Ngoc).

2. ACB Bank in Binh Thanh District

(189 154 509 | Truong Doan Boi Ngoc).

3. Techcombank in Binh Thanh District

(190 2918 7566 011 | Truong Doan Boi Ngoc).

4. Paypal account:

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