What is considered a successful piano learner? To achieve that stage, what steps do you need to
take? Let’s find out with Boi Ngoc!

Success’s definition depends on your target. We all have different goals, maybe your goal is to
play a song well, but other’s target is playing as many songs as possible.

The highest level of playing piano is playing without the sheet, playing every song by ear. So
how long will it take to achieve each stage:


Level 1: Be able to play your favourite song.

You can play the song in 1-2 weeks or 1month as long as you go straight to learning instead of taking time to practice fingers. If your piano teacher is considerate, he/she’ll let you learn what you want.


Level 2: Fluently read and play many tracks.

At this level, you need 3 months or more, depending on the difficulty or technique you want to achieve.

According to Boi Ngoc’s past learning- experience, Ngoc spent 6 months studying music and playing pieces on the organ. After that, Ngoc took about 1- 2 years more to read the music and play the piano skillfully.

However, this is not where Ngoc wants to stop. Ngoc wants to reach the level where she can play
the piano without the sheet, and when she listens to the music, she can feel the rhythm and create
her own tones.

To reach this level, you need to have a separate route, though you still have to go
through 2 stages: playing your favourite music first, then reading while playing the piano at the
same time, combining two hands flexibly. After that, you can learn to play by ear.


Level 3: Play songs by ear, that is, listen to the song you love and play the way you feel.

If at this stage, you find a teacher to help you learn how to feel the sound, you only need
about 3 to 6 months to learn the method.

After reaching the level of playing by ears, each person will shape their own style of playing the
piano and reach the highest level.


Level 4: Creating your own style, or listening to others play the piano and
identify how the pieces are played, in what style.

To reach this level, you have to spend time
practicing and playing by ears for 2 years or more, provided you have listen to music a lot
and really invest in music.

Do not worry, following the right direction, the learning process
will be shortened (in 3-4 months). There are many people who start learning piano in their
late year, still have succeeded in learning and playing piano.

And what about you, start learning piano today and let your passion come true.